Being a Rachashei Lev volunteer means being an optimist, intelligent and someone who likes people and demonstrates sensitivity in their relationships with their fellow human beings. Means dedicating time and energy to children with cancer, being aware of the difficult and exhausting experiences that the hospitalized children and their families go through, and wanting to lighten their burden and help them. Volunteers accompany the children and their families during the times they are hospitalized, and constitute a ray of light and an anchor of support and stability for them..

The privileges of the volunteer:

  • Volunteers are privileged to give a hug and to say a good word, to encourage, support, compliment, and to listen to the sick children and their family members, and to give them strength.
  • Volunteers are privileged to make a cancer stricken child happy and to put a smile on their face.
  • Volunteers are privileged to participate in the battle against the disease: it is the job of the doctors to extract the disease from the child, and it is our job at Rachashei Lev to extract the child from the disease.
  • Volunteers gain a huge sense of satisfaction and receive lots of love and gratitude from the stricken children and their families.
  • Volunteers have the privilege to be part of the Rachashei Lev family, a family that is giving, and that has striven for more than two decades for the wellbeing of children with cancer and their families. The obligations of the volunteer:
  • Volunteers undertake to maintain confidentiality and privacy and not to disclose any medical information.
  • Volunteers undertake not to express their opinions or their understanding of the matter as a substitute for medical consultation
  • Volunteers undertake to stay next to the patient, to ease the patient’s suffering, and to provide physical and mental support.
  • Volunteers undertake not to discriminate against anyone, regardless of religion, race, gender or political affiliation.

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