Rachashei Lev has a unit providing personal coaching for each sick child, comprising 25 National Service women and a team of volunteers who staff the hospital and treatment rooms, develop a personal rapport with the children and their parents, and accompany them throughout the entire period of the disease.

The National Service women stay alongside the children in the oncology wards on an ongoing daily basis, to help divert their attention away from the disease, to meet their emotional needs alongside their physical ones, and to enhance their personal esteem. The National Service women embrace the children with vast amounts of warmth and love, and help create a supportive framework filled with hope for the children and their families. The activities of the National Service women help the children to cope with the treatment and its consequences, to keep up with their studies and development, and to relieve the harsh treatment routine. The activities of the National Service women encourage positive thinking, increase the zest for life, and contribute to the children’s mental stamina, providing a solid basis for a positive reaction to the treatment. Aims:

  • To grant every child quality time with a personal coach.
  • To preserve the children’s mental health and morale.
  • To distract the children’s attention from the disease and the pain.
  • To organize challenging and exciting daily activities.
  • To maintain the continuity of the children’s studies and development.

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