Prof. Zvi Spirer

Rachashei Lev President Emeritus

I am well acquainted with the highly appreciated activities of Rachashei Lev. I feel privileged to have accompanied the organization for 20 years since its founding, and I value and appreciate the devotion and dedication of all those working for the good of the children. This welcome activity covers all the welfare aspects of cancer stricken children and their families, granting them strength and hope during the difficult period of the treatment.


Prof. Zeev Rotstein

Director of the Sheba Center Medical at Tel Hashomer

Rachashei Lev constitutes giving from the heart, without limit. The Children’s House is a wonderful place, affording families peace and quiet during the difficult treatment that the children undergo at the hospital.


Prof. Yehuda Skornick

A member of the Rachashei Lev Presidium, president of the MDA ambulance service, and the head of the Surgery A ward at the Ichilov Medical Center

What you can do is to make life slightly easier for them and help them get through the period of the disease more easily. Rachashei Lev was set up precisely for this purpose, to handle this important and sacred work, without seeking reward. They extend a hand to support and embrace all the children who need them, to help them in every way possible, and to make their difficult journey easier, lighter and faster until their recovery.


Prof. Gidi Rechavi

Director of the Cancer Research Center at Tel Hashomer

Rachashei Lev makes a wonderful contribution to the welfare of the sick children and their families. The Children’s House is an exceptional place that deserves all the praise.


Prof. Gidi Paret

Director of Pediatric Intensive Care

An amazing organization that works for the public good out of a deep sense of faith and devotion, and that exemplifies the place of human beings in improving childcare. And the staff, in their spirit of giving, set a true example.


Dr. Yoram Neumann

Senior Pediatric Hemato-Oncologist in the Safra Children’s Hospital at the Sheba Medical Center.

The National Service women volunteers of Rachashei Lev are a wonderful group doing amazing work here. Generally speaking, everything that Reuven gives us, whether in the framework of the Children’s House or in other areas, is a special boost to the families undergoing treatment as well as to the doctors and nurses.


Prof. Amos Toren

Director of the Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology

Rachashei Lev is the most important organization from outside the hospital and most important charity in the life of our Department. We have walked arm in arm with Rachashei Lev for many years now. The help provided by Reuven, the National Service women and all the people from Rachashei Lev in improving the quality of life of the cancer stricken children, their families and the medical staff is so significant that I could not begin to imagine the department functioning without it. The establishment of the Children’s House significantly enhanced our ability to take care of a large number of families, and without it, we would not have been able to do so. The psychosocial compound, entrance courtyard and the fantastic laughing room are just some of the other concrete examples of the organization and the department marching hand-in-hand over the years, and of the joint heart beating in the chest of Rachashei Lev and of the Department of Pediatric Hemato-Oncology