The extensive experience of the Rachashei Lev staff and acquaintance with experts in pediatric oncology, enables us to help obtain medical consultation worldwide and to provide the best possible response in the shortest possible time.

Rachashei Lev also mobilizes to help purchase lifesaving medical drugs not contained in the health basket, obtain rare medical drugs, and fund special treatment, targeted radiotherapy and lifesaving surgery abroad. The scale of the lifesaving actions is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. We purchase and upgrade to the latest and most sophisticated medical equipment for the hospital wards, such as: chemotherapy pumps, monitors, ECG devices, vein locating device, hospital beds and armchairs, etc. The Rachashei Lev family set up and runs a medical and rehabilitation equipment lending unit specifically for cancer stricken children, both during the time of hospitalization, and at the end of it, prior to their discharge. The purchase of advanced, user-friendly and colorful accessories with a feel-good factor that ease the child’s adjustment to a disability./p>