In the wake of the demand and acquaintance with many families who require help with their special needs children, Rachashei Lev began to run programs and activities for such children in the afternoons, at weekends and on the chagim (public holidays). These programs keep the children busy during the hours that they are not in a learning framework, and create a social and enriching environment for them. The aim: a social framework for special-needs children in the afternoons, and their integration in a normative framework in the community. Target audience: special-needs children, PDD children, children with Down syndrome, developmental disorders, autism, etc.


Volunteers: each child has a personal female volunteer who gives the child a sense of security, warmth, love and joy. The frameworks encourage the integration of children and youth from the community with the children of the afternoon activity center (moadonit).

The activities:

  1. Afternoon activity center (Moadonit):

    Target Audience: children aged 2 to 6 with a mild developmental disorder. Frequency: every day from 16:00 to 18:00. Participants: 25 children plus a female volunteer for each individual child. Location: the grounds of the municipal school bordering on Ramat Gan – Bnei Brak. In the program: individual work with each child in coordination with the kindergarten, play and create, and an evening meal.

  2. Weekend filled with experiences:

    Participants: 25 children from the around the country, as necessary. The children arrive on Friday for an enjoyable weekend filled with experiences, including hot meals and a diverse range of activities. In view of the demand, Rachashei Lev is working on setting up a Shabbat youth activity center.

  3. Fun days out, day camps and holiday camps:

    The day camps are for 200 children over the chagim (public holidays) and during vacations. Summer holiday camp: for 55 days.

  4. Babysitters:

    Rachashei Lev has a pool of volunteer babysitters to help look after the child in the afternoons and/or to host the child at the family home of the volunteer, as necessary.