Rachashei Lev has adopted the Pediatric Oncology Departments at the Ichilov and Tel Hashomer Medical Centers, and conducts these highly welcome activities daily, nonstop, in order to help the children cope with the disease and with the treatment.

With the aid of professional staff, National Service women, and an array of volunteers who remain alongside the children at the medical center every day, and accompany them to tests and treatment, and do everything they can to raise the children’s spirits and to distract their thoughts from the fear and the pain. An emergency call center and field representatives operate 24/7 and escort and provide personal support from the moment the illness is discovered, and throughout all the treatment stages. The Rachashei Lev family works alongside the medical teams; while the medical world focuses on extracting the disease from the child, our task is to extract the child from the disease and to accompany the child throughout the struggle, until the child’s recovery.

Experience gathered has shown that when sick children are kept busy with appealing and enjoyable activities, their mood improves, and their thoughts are distracted from the disease, easing the path to healing. Rachashei Lev equips the wards for the children and their parents in a whole range of areas that can benefit them during the hospitalization: computers, television sets, armchairs, book and video libraries, games, laughing room, kitchenette, nourishing meals, medical guidance, psychological counseling, occupational therapy, alternative medicine, financial assistance for families, dream ambulance service, and lending of medical and rehabilitation accessories. Multimedia systems installed next to the bed for viewing and enjoyment, and therapeutic chairs in Oncology at Sheba, for an unlimited time, free of charge. The disease does not only affect the child him/herself, but it changes routine life at home beyond recognition. The Rachashei Lev family places emphasis on accompanying and supporting family members. A support group for mothers and parents, family fun days out and camps, house calls, activities for siblings, and a whole range of activities designed to strengthen and support the wider family. Spending every day in the wards facilitates close ties and attentiveness to the personal needs of the family as a whole. Hugging a brave child, a smile and sigh of relief from a parent at the beginning and end of each day – that is our reward.