My friends! As one who accompanies couples in the long process they need to go through to embrace a child of their own, I often experience their feelings at the end of the road – feelings of boundless joy.

In the circle of life, a no insignificant number of parents are informed that their children have cancer and are no longer a picture of health. For them, this is the start of a long, exhausting and agonizing road.


It is my great privilege to serve on the Presidium of Rachashei Lev, which accompanies children diagnosed with cancer, and supports and helps them and their families until their full recovery, just as I am privileged to help married couples bring a new life into the world.


The one activity complements the other, and together they seek to achieve the overall goal: joyous and happy parents, and mentally and physically healthy children, with a good future ahead of them.


Prof. Joshua Dor