Founded in 1989, the Rachashei Lev NGO constitutes a national support center for cancer-stricken children in Israel and their families. Rav Reuven Gesheid is the organization’s founder and head, and at his side are members of the Presidium comprising prominent Israeli doctors, public officials, members of the justice system, and leading Israeli business people.

Rachashei Lev’s activities

The organization attends to 500 cancer stricken children and youth every year, regardless of religion, race or gender, and from all strata of society. Emphasis is placed on the social, educational and psychological aspects in order to maintain the children’s morale, to help them cope with the difficult challenges posed by the disease, and to ease their suffering. Rachashei Lev works nonstop, every day of the year, running a group of volunteers in the children’s hospitals throughout Israel, conducting trips in Israel and abroad, operating a dream ambulance, and more…

The Children’s House

In 2007, the Beit Hayeled Children’s House was inaugurated on the grounds of Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The Children’s House is a luxury motel for children and their families, providing a warm and loving home in a cozy and protective family atmosphere during the time of their treatment.

Medical consultation

Helps with worldwide medical consultations with specialists in childhood cancer. Provides support and assistance in buying medical drugs that are not included in the health basket, importing and obtaining rare medical drugs, and funding special treatments not included in the health basket, targeted radiotherapy and lifesaving surgery abroad

Charts a course of action and provides advice

Advises and charts a course of action for other entities and individuals seeking to get involved in giving and helping cancer stricken children.


Rachashei Lev’s labor of love for cancer stricken children is made possible by the donations and generosity of the Friends of Rachashei Lev, business people and supportive communities in Israel and abroad