The Zholty Children’s House in the medical grounds of the Sheba Medical Center, Rachashei Lev’s new initiative for children undergoing daily medical treatment.

The Children’s House serves as a warm home for cancer stricken children and their families near the pediatric oncology ward in the grounds of the Sheba Medical Center. Rachashei Lev offers families luxury and accessorized suites equipped for optimal convenience, and food and lodging free of charge, for the entire period of the therapy at the medical center.

The Children’s House helps families to keep the family unit together at this trying time in their lives, and to receive professional support and assistance. The Children’s House enables the children to recuperate from their grueling experiences at the hospital, to smile and have happy times despite the pain, and to defeat the dreaded disease. The Children’s House campus: the main building is the center of the activity, and includes a dining room, reception, seating areas, cafeteria, library, games and music rooms, and computers and television sets, available to visitors at any time of the day or night. The Children’s House hosts social gatherings, hobby classes, birthday celebrations, parties as well as support workshops for the sick children, their siblings and their parents. Adjacent to the main building are two residential buildings containing 20 furnished suites of 75 square meters each, equipped and accessible to the physically challenged. Each suite has a child’s room, parents room, living room and kitchenette, bath and shaded balcony.


Who is hosted at the Children’s House?

  1. Cancer stricken children treated at the day care clinics on a daily basis
  2. Families living far from the medical center, who use the Children’s House during the period of the hospitalization..
  3. On weekends and public holidays on which the oncology day care center does not function, the Children’s House opens its doors to families whose loved ones are hospitalized in the hospital wards.
  4. In security emergencies and on weekends, the Children’s House takes in injured IDF soldiers and child victims of terrorist acts undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

The Children’s House constitutes a tower of calm, a place to forget about the fear and the pain, and to revert to a world of childhood and dreams. Here, the children can enjoy hot nutritious meals with their families, have fun playing computer games and on a jamboree, play at games tables and social games, and enjoy a normal social life. The various hobby classes and activities enable all the children to express themselves freely in art, drawing workshops, cooking workshops and music classes, and to develop emotional and coping skills in the process.

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