Adopt a project
What it really is to embrace a project

You look at the cancer stricken children, who until yesterday were exactly like all the other children of their age, happy and

 joyful, full of hope and aspirations, filled with plans and activities, and suddenly you are witness to the major crisis, the

 instant at which they become aware of their condition. Your gaze meets their tormented gaze, a heartstring breaks, their

world is shattered! Have you ever seen a distraught mother hugging her child tightly at the entry to the therapy room?! Have

you ever heard what a mother whispers in a warm kiss to a head that is already going bald?!


How does a child’s soul carry itself in a sick body?!

These children are obliged to cease routine life, and in the blink of an eye, to change over to a painful and threatening world

of doctors, treatments, and fears of death. They are absent from studies, school trips and parties, removed from their peers,

and lose their zest for life. With your help, we will be able to give the children more!