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Rachashei Lev – A National Support Center for Cancer-Stricken Children in Israel

Rachashei Lev - was founded in 1989 with the purpose of alleviating the suffering experienced by cancer-stricken children and their families

giving them the strength to contend with cancer and the treatment it requires and helping them continue to smile and remain happy even as they battle the dreaded disease.

Rachashei Lev - activism never stops. We operate a system of volunteers who visit the homes of cancer-stricken children all across Israel. In addition, with the help of girls doing National Service, we conduct special activism in the oncology wards at Sheba-Tel Hashomer Hospital and Dana Hospital at Ichilov.

Rachashei Lev - celebrated the opening of Beit Hayeled, or Children's Home, in 2007. Beit Hayeled is a stunning mini-hotel located on the campus of the Sheba-Tel Hashomer Hospital - adjoining the Safra Children's Hospital. It is a wonderful place where the children and their families enjoy a variety of relaxing and enjoyable activities.

Rachashei Lev - offers guidance and advice both to organizations and individuals expressing an interest in assisting cancer-stricken children.

Rachashei Lev - enhances the lives of cancer-stricken children in Israel by providing tremendous support to the sick children and their families and by conducting a variety of activities all across Israel.

Rachashei Lev - strives to continue granting the children - at all costs – a healthy soul in a healthy body.

Rachshei Lev - Around the Year


A party at Jaffa Port to provide the children with encouragement to continue treatment.


Central Chanukah cande-lighting ceremony at the hospital every day, with the accompaniment of young men from hesder yeshivot.


Nov. 13  • Invitation for Hanukkah Party
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Jul. 08  • Photos album from summer camp in Jerusalem
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May. 02  • Children arriving for treatment at the day center can borrow laptops from the National Service girls at Rachashei Lev
May. 02  • Rachashei Lev greets David elharrar upon his return to Israel
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May. 01  • Dear families and children, get ready for a summer filled with unforgettable experiences
Apr. 29  • The Rachashei Lev staff and volunteers wish all the children and families a happy and healthy summer!
Mar. 10  •
The gang returned happy, pleased and filled with renewed strength to continue treatment. They send hugs and kisses to the amazing Guy, Sabin, Aviva and Ilan. View photo albums - Read more
Mar. 07  • Dear Friends, you don't want to miss this one!
Circus, clowns, face painting, rappelling, casino stands, game consoles, multimedia stands, makeup artists, shiatsu, manicures, fingernail design… and what not?
On March 16, Beit Hayeled is turning into fantasy land! Read more
Dec. 02  • Dear Kids,
Once again, we are flying to "Dreams Do Come True "camp in Miami and Orlando. Like always, it's going to be a blast! For details, call Emunah at 0509024314. Read more
Oct. 15  • Dreams come true
Children with cancer are fling to Disneyland, Orlando. January 5-15, 2010 Read more


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